Glo Ventures is a boutique advisory company. It specializes in advising startup companies using technology to create products and services that solve clearly defined societal needs. It helps companies define their market, iterate their business models, obtain product-market fit, raise capital and scale their businesses.

Michael Fichardt
Founder and Principal

Michael is an entrepreneur, technologist, consultant and finance professional. He spends the majority of his time working at the nexus of technology, start-ups and finance.

A large part of Michael’s career has been spent in the finance industry where he has worked in banking and private equity. He has not only invested in and financed large scale energy, banking and infrastructure projects and but also early stage smaller technology companies. 

He has worked for Standard Bank, JP Morgan, the African Development Bank, Principle Capital, the IPP Office and Glo Energy. He was also a Co-founder of a biotech start-up, Morpheeo. 

Michael graduated with an MBA from IE Business School (Instituto de Empresa) in Spain, a top 5 rated European Business School. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Cape Town and completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability at Stellenbosch University. In 2015, he completed Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program.

Michael believes that any problem can be solved with the power of creativity, determination and hard work.

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